Beginning a new food adventure

I have recently moved to Berlin with Richard my husband and Lyra our cat. So far we have been blown away with the variety of everything here for us to enjoy from bars to food to clubs to art & entertainment. Even though we have only been here a month we have found ourselves settling in and finding cafés and food places we really like and going back to them. This is great as it is good to feel at home but I really want to keep exploring and discovering all the time.  So I have decided to set us a mission to find new things all the time and make sure we make the most of everything we are so lucky to find on our doorstep.

The premise is very simple: once a week we will visit a new restaurant, cafe or snack bar. Each week we will chose a different country’s cuisine to sample until we have tried something new every week for one year. This is the perfect time of year start such a mission as the nights are getting colder and exotic cuisines will help remind us of sunnier times. We will either chose somewhere or chose a cuisine at random from a list of countries using this.

The mission starts this week on Thursday.Here is the list of countries (including devolved regions such as Catalonia) that I will use to start off with. I have checked that a food place exists in Berlin for each place but this list is by no means exhaustive and I would appreciate any recommendations. Unfortunately Lyra wont be joining in with the food fun!

1 France
2 Spain
3 Portugal
4 Italy
5 Greece
6 Austrian
7 Lebanese
8 German
9 Polish
10 Russian
11 Bosnian
12 Croatian
13 Greek
14 Turkish
15 Armenian
16 Vietnamese
17 Eritrean/Ethiopian
18 Sudanese
19 Egyptian
20 Moroccan
21 Thai
22 Indonesian
23 Chinese
24 Japanese
25 Indian
26 Nepalese
27 Sri Lankan
28 Colombian
29 Peruvian
30 Mexican
31 Argentinian
32 Brazilian
33 Jamaican
34 Trinidad
35 Hungarian
36 Swedish
37 Macedonia
38 Nigerian
39 Iran
40 Mongolian
41 Basque
42 Georgian
43 American
44 Switzerland
45 Philippines
46 Korean
47 Cambodian
48 Chile
49 South Indian
50 Togo
51 Cypriot
52 Tibet

Richard enjoying the breakfast market