Comfort food was much needed to combat an oncoming cold and the excesses of new year’s and we decided that Austrian food fitted the bill. Prater is the famous restaurant in Berlin serving food from Germany’s sister nation but we decided to leave it till the summer when we could enjoy the beer garden. Alt Wien in Prenzlauerberg had better reviews and seemed very authentic so we chose to go there instead.

We reserved a table on a busy Friday night and liked the warm simple but classic interior with wooden panels and paintings of Austria. The menu seems to change weekly and I was excited to see hare available so immediately ignored all other options. I was secretly hoping that Rich would go for the schnitzel as it is reported to be massive but he chose the roast pork instead. We ordered some Austrian beer and on advice we ignored the starters as portions are reportedly large.

The portions were indeed large but not so large that we didn’t end up getting slices of pizza on the way home after a few drinks later that night. The hare came slow cooked in a red wine sauce with sliced bread dumplings and the roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut. I expected to be handed this as Rich normally doesn’t like it but this time he polished off the lot as he really liked it. My hare which just fell off the bone was very good and Richard’s pork was succulent moist and well seasoned. Everything was tasty and soon finished. We were very pleased until someone next to us got a schnitzel and food envy kicked in as it was gigantic and super tasty looking.

The food here isn’t cheap at an average 15 euros a main (haha, pre Berlin me from the past is going ‘wtf, that is cheap’). But the quality is high and the portions are good.

No photos of my own this week as I accidentally deleted them.

Update September 2017 : still open

Price range: Medium

Rating: 8/10

Address: Hufelandstraße 22, 10407 Berlin