I originally wasn’t going to include America. Their food is pretty much everywhere these days and the only ‘American’ themed restaurants I had seen in Berlin seemed pretty naff. But then I discovered Chicago Williams. This authentic BBQ joint in Mitte combines two of my favourite things; BBQ’d meats and craft beers. America’s time had come!

IMG_0289 IMG_0288

We ventured over on a Saturday early evening after I’d been at Berghain the night before so I had a crazy hunger on and had a one track mind that just kept repeating one word over and over; “ribs.” On arrival a hipster barman with an mighty chest tattoo that he clearly wanted the world to witness greeted us with a smile and a small cup of chowder. We bypassed the chowder and ordered swiftly; ribs, pulled pork, jalapeno & bacon mac-n-cheese, a strange kind of German raw meat open sandwich starter and two IPAs. The interior was pretty cool, bare brick walls and big sharing tables but blah, blah, blah… Who cares, it was all about the ribs.

mmmmn ribs with apple sauce
pulled pork


Oh those ribs. My oh my! They were magnificent, smokey, sticky, meaty and super yummy. I can’t wait to go back and just order those all to myself. The pulled pork was okay but the portion was a bit stingy for 13 euros. The mac and cheese was good if a bit too hot for my taste and I wasn’t a big fan of the raw meat spread thing although Rich loved it. The meal wasn’t cheap but the ribs were great value at 10 euros. Despite my plan to “not drink tonight” (we ended up going to Tresor) we got through three bottles of the Ratsherrn (German) IPA each as it was really good and cheap at 3.50 a bottle. We’ll be back for the ribs and the beer. God bless America!


Still open as of July 2017

Price for two course meal with drinks for two persons:  40-60 euros

Price Range : Medium

Address: Hannoversche Str. 2, 10115 Berlin

Website: http://chicagowilliamsbbq.de/