We have moved house recently so unfortunately the writing of this blog has got a bit behind. This means that the details of the meals between mid May and now have become a bit sketchy. I will however do my best to fill in the gaps and use the photos I took as a reminder.

So… way back on May 16th we went to watch Hertha BSC play Frankfurt in the Olympic Stadium. The match itself was very boring but thankfully the meal that followed was much more interesting and enjoyable. As we were over that way we decided to eat at Lon Men’s in Charlottenburg, a Taiwanese restaurant with a very good reputation.

After standing in the drizzle drinking beer all afternoon we had quite a hunger on so ordered a large range of dishes from the extensive menu. Sadly, the steamed buns with duck were off the menu that day which was very disappointing as they are supposedly one of the highlights and Taiwanese steamed buns are one of our favourite things to eat.


Instead we ordered lots of different wontons, noodle and rice dishes to share. The highlights were the chilli wontons and the spicy meat noodles which we will definitely order again when we return for the steamed buns. Everything was really good though except the seaweed which I expected to be crispy but came in floppy ribbons. We all got very full very cheaply with some very delicious food.

IMG_1197 IMG_1194