We visited La Casa Buena Vista on one of the first autumnal feeling nights of the year seeking out some Caribbean sunshine. This neighbourhood Cuban restaurant is in Weisensee and it was my first visit to this sleepy Bezirk outside the ring bahn near Prenzlauerberg. It was fairly busy for a Tuesday with German locals and we were seated at the back on the warm restaurant. The decor was a bit naff for my taste with lots of Che posters and rum adverts but it could have been worse to be honest.

We took a while to navigate the fairly long menu which had tapas starters and then variations on chicken, pork, beef and fish in ‘Cubanesque’ sauces served with rice. We chose filled croquettes and slow cooked beef pastries to start and then the special platter with a bit of everything and a chicken dish with a lime and coriander sauce. For reasons outside of the blog I also ordered some garlic bread as it is comfort food that I haven’t had for a while. The menu also features a long list of cocktails and rum choices so Richard started drinking his way through the list starting with an El Presidente (of which we cannot remember the ingredients).

beef 'pies'
beef ‘pies’

The starters were okay; the slow cooked beef in the pastries was falling apart and very tasty but the croquettes were fairly bland and the accompanying salsas were not as good or as spicy as in the other Latin American meals we have had recently in Colombian and Argentinian places. The garlic bread was pretty weird, very dry and un-garlicky which was disappointing. The main courses were also a mixed bag, the grillplatter looked a fright but was actually very tasty and everything was cooked well and still moist despite appearances. The chicken dish was pretty weird and featured boring dry bits of chicken breast drowning in a sauce which didn’t work at all and tasted competitively of salt, sour lime, sweet honey and bitter coriander.

mixed grill
mixed grill

I certainly won’t be bothering with a follow up visit here as it was nothing special, of mixed quality and probably inauthentic (judging by the staff and customers). If you are in the area on an early evening it might be worth a visit as they have half price main courses and cheap cocktail deals but otherwise don’t go out of your way.

Date of visit 7th September 2015.