Sometimes it takes ages to find a country’s cuisine in Berlin. Othertimes one just lands in your facebook event invite inbox. Sometimes you have to travel to the far end of the city to find a restaurant. Othertimes a new place pops up virtually on your street. The Karrecho pop-up kitchen which is run by Venezuelans on Friday evenings at Lenaustrasse 5 was a happy and easy find which my husband Rich invited me to on facebook, and so we duly set out to try their Arepas back in September accompanied by my Colombian housemate and best friend Stephanie who had recently returned to Berlin (see also week 38).

Manioc chips

The menu is small and simple featuring tasty filled arepas (flat cornbread pancakes) and traditional street food snacks such as fried plantain and manioc bites. They also have rum cocktails and non-alcoholic cane sugar and lime drinks. We all took one of the latter a ‘papelon’ and tried one each of the plantain balls with cheese, manioc bites and plantain bites plus one beef & black bean arepa, and two shredded chicken and avocado arepas.

Plantain balls with cheese

The service was quick and super friendly especially as Steph spoke Spanish with them. Very soon we were given our food and drinks which we heartily tucked into with lashings of spicy salsa. Everything tasted great and was confirmed to be authentic by Stephanie. The papelons were especially good and made me want to try this at home if I can find sugar cane.

When I last checked they were still up and running in November 2016 and we hope to swing by again to get some delicious comforting South American flavours.


Update September 2017 

Karrecho have opened a permanent location near to Ostkreuz and we visited on a Saturday evening around 6pm. The menu is very similar in price and offering to the previous pop-up and the location has cool, minimal decor with green jungle pattern wallpapers. We tried the pulled chicken and the beef arepas with fried plantains and everything was as fresh and yummy as before. The extra table sauces on offer (green = coriander, mild salsa, red = smokey, hot chilli) really augmented the flavour.

Please do visit as they have taken on a large premise which was nearly empty when we visited and I wish them all the best.

Address: Neue Bahnhofstraße 25, Friedrichshain 10245

Price : Cheap eats


Rating 8/10