Week 50 : Le Cassonade (Belgium)

How time flies! We’ve been in Berlin for well over a year now and the blog has reached week fifty. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a full Belgian restaurant in Berlin as you can’t beat a good Moules Frites washed down with a delicious Belgian beer but there is a café. Thankfully this cafe was located in Kreuzberg close to where we live so we decided to visit on this day with Maija to thank her for another yoga teaching session with Richard.

Cassonade (meaning brown sugar) is a small, sweet little cafe on Oranienstrasse that just serves crêpes and waffles with a small but decent selection of Belgian beers. We chose different savoury crêpes to start and then sweet waffles for dessert with ice cream, caramel & cream and one with Nutella – sadly they didn’t have the praline topping available that day. There is a choice of either Brussels waffles or Lutticher Waffles which are different shapes and sizes so we went for one of each.  At this time for the sake of full disclosure, I must admit that I have never actually tried a waffle before! How strange is that? 35 years old and I never had eaten a waffle. I haven’t lived! I certainly haven’t been to Belgium which is a shame as I do love their beers.



underneath all that cream and caramel is a Lutticher waffle

To be honest there isn’t that much to say. The crepes were good. The waffles were good. The beer was good. Everything was well cooked, the crepe fillings were tasty (tomato & mozzarella, ham, mushroom & bechamel and spicy salami & cheese) and the waffles were everything I imagined them to be; soft, pillowy comfort food with yummy toppings. With good prices and a cute, cosy vibe this is a good lunch option when in Kreuzberg and needing an edible hug.


Bruxelles waffle with Nutella

Still open as of July 2017

Price for two course meal with drinks for two persons: 35-50 euros

Rating: 7/10

Address: Oranienstraße 199, 10999 Berlin

Website: https://www.facebook.com/cassonadeberlin/