Week 34 : Cafe do Brasil (Brazil)

On the day after the football team received yet another defeat at the hands of Colombia, we went to eat in one of Berlin’s few Brazilian restaurants and arguably the most authentic; Cafe do Brasil on Platz der Luftbrucke near the old Tempelhof Airport terminal.The restaurant interior is really inviting with plants covering the walls and a tropical theme which is almost naff but somehow they get manage to away with it. We ate on a Thursday which is churrasco and caipirinha night, meaning that they are discounted (churrasco is 10.90 and caipirinha 3.50). We sipped caipirinhas whilst choosing from the small but authentic seeming menu and decided upon Frango (fried chicken with spicy sauce) and fried shrimp dumplings, churassco mixed meat skewers and Brazil’s national dish; feijoada.

IMG_1477 IMG_1462

The starters were great, fresh and crisp with tasty red and green spicy sauces. The main courses made us regret chosing a starter as they were ginormous! Richard’s was a huge skewer with steak, chorizo style sausage and chicken served with a fried banana, rice, salad, salsa and black beans. The meat was all well cooked with a tasty marinade and the salsa was genuinely hot – yay! My feijoada was really delicious, a cast iron pan with pork knuckle cooked with smokey sausages, chorizo and black beans served with rice and salsa. We were absolutely stuffed by the time we finished our meal and very pleased. When we return we would skip the starters and go straight for the mains and leave with a little bit more dignity.




churassco plate


shrimp croquettes

Date of visit: 18th June 2015