Week 37 : Ankor Wat (Cambodia)

This week we visited another West German restaurant as we have almost run out of local options. Ankor Wat is situated in Eastern Moabit which is supposed to be the new up and coming area in Berlin apparently. This restaurant however is definitely not that, having the feel of an old established local favourite. There were plenty of locals dining inside and the interior was faded with a worn carpet and an old fashioned ‘Oriental’ restaurant feel but also very pleasant with lots of paintings, icons and plants.


Their menu was fairly large with lots of dishes that resembled other Asian cuisines such as Cantonese and Thai. The lack of a distinct cuisine was perhaps unsurprising considering the location and size of Cambodia . We chose a spicy beef salad and spring rolls for a starter and then the flambéed duck and beef stir fry for a main. The starters were very good, especially the salad which was fresh with little crispy pieces of roasted rice on top. The spring rolls came with four different dipping sauces that hit all the flavour notes and included quite a fiery chili sauce.

wpid-wp-1438157589043.jpegThe main dishes were mixed. The duck dish was huge and impressive when it was covered in rice wine and set alight. It tasted pretty good but  since I have started cooking my own duck at home to a perfect medium rare I tend not enjoy the way it is always served in most East Asian restaurants as overcooked and going dry. The beef unfortunately wasn’t so good and reminded me of an average Chinese takeaway. It wasn’t cheap either at 12 euros for the beef and 14 for the duck. Other people were having a Cambodian style fondu which looked interesting but that was over 30 euros to share.

The restaurant whilst attractive with pretty good food is not somewhere I will rush back to. We are completely spoiled in Berlin by other similar and much cheaper cuisines in Berlin especially the Vietnamese and Indonesian places I have visited for half the price with even better quality.

Date of visit 8th July