Week 38 : Tierra Colombiana (Colombia)

This particular visit was not going to be allowed to happen without a special guest in attendance; my best friend Stephanie who is from Medellin in Colombia. We have been trying to organise this visit for nearly half a year and with the sad deadline of Stephanie’s departure home from Berlin looming we finally went to Tierra Colombiana which is in Bergmankiez in Kreuzberg, for what Steph describes as some of the best cuisine in the world.


The place itself is pretty small with a simple pleasant restaurant down some steps, a few tables on the pavement and a small delicatessen with Colombian goods attached. The reviews online are mainly less than favourable so I didn’t know what to expect. Apparently the service is very poor which is un-Colombian as they pride themselves on their hospitality. We were however greeted by a very pleasant young guy who although he took his sweet time with everything was very nice and friendly. Stephanie acted as our guide for this cuisine that we have never tried before and she told us what to order. Richard ordered a Colombian beer and Steph and I shared a pitcher of beer with Colombiana which is an orange soft drink making a sort of shandy (Radler) type drink. It was really good, very refreshing and Rich enjoyed both beers that he tried.

IMG_1626We were advised by Stephanie not to go too crazy with the starters as Colombian portions were pretty big. We ordered a portion of epanadas with meat to share and then three Bandeja Paisa – Bandeja means platter in English (Rich of course had to add rump steak to his!). The empanadas were awesome and the salsa was super tasty, I could have just sat down with a huge plate to myself. The platters were also great, they included rice and bean stew, chunky chorizo sausages, a fried egg, patacones (plantain) and Chicharrón which is crispy pork belly – they really do enjoy their meat in Colombia and Stephanie loved every mouthful declaring it definitely authentic. Richard’s original steak was way overcooked so he sent it back and a much better cooked replacement arrived quickly with an apology. The normal Paisa were a good size and the one with steak was even bigger but Richard happily finished it all.


It wasn’t particularly cheap for Berlin standards but for UK prices it would be great value. We really enjoyed it though and spent most of the meal discussing when we might visit Stephanie and what we will eat.


the lady herself, my beautiful best friend Steph

Date of visit 14 July 2015