Week 49 : Split (Croatia)

Situated near Hallesches Tor in Kreuzberg, Split is the oldest Croatian restaurant in Berlin serving Croatian and international cuisine since 1966. When we arrived there on a crisp Monday evening we were pleasantly surprised to find a really elegant old fashioned looking restaurant with dark mahogany wood paneling, white tablecloths and red roses on each table.  I guess I was expecting the usual chequered tablecloth folksy Mediterranean style of restaurant instead. At 5.30 on a Monday it was also fairly busy with middle aged couples speaking German and Croat.
We took a while to order from the long menu as the emphasis seemed to be on German Croatian fusion with various schnitzels accompanied more Croatian style toppings but as usual we were looking for authenticity if possible. There was a tasty sounding specials menu with wild boar but this did not seem very Croatian so we went for what seemed like the most authentic foods, a pork Satarash and a grill plate. For the starter we chose to share a Dalmation Vorspeiseteller which had Croatian meat and cheeses.

The starter of cheese and parma style ham was very good but also very filling as it came with delicious fresh bread. We shared the main courses and found the mixed grill to be adequate with fairly well grilled meat and yummy cevapi sausages but the pork and egg stew was better being a bit spicy and very tasty. The Croatian beer we tried and the wine we chose were of a good standard and well priced. The waiters were these lovely proper old school Croatian men with traditional black and white uniforms and impeccable manners all of which added to the feeling that we had stepped back in time. image

Half way though our meal a couple came in and sat near us with a tiny chow chow puppy which was extremely distracting as it was so cute. With the addition of seeing a cute dog alongside some decent well priced food we left happy with the food and the whole experience and will consider coming back to try some of the German-Croat fusion food.image

Date of visit : October 26th 2015 – (we had been away in the UK the previous week)