Week 14 : Taverna Ouisa (Greece)

I did a best of three with the random number generator and got Greece, Cyprus and Macedonia. The dice were definitely telling us to go eat from this region – fair enough!

We found Taverna Ouisa in Schoenberg from the many favourable reviews. It seemed authentic if a bit pricey but we justified the cost as we were having a booze free weekend and saving money. So we headed over to Bayerischer Platz in West Berlin on Saturday evening to find a welcoming, packed restaurant with typical but not too cheesy Greek style.

We got a bit carried away at all the tasty starter options and ordered three things: ‘clams’ in a citrus sauce, grilled squid and baked aubergine. For mains we ordered the mixed grill and slow cooked lamb shoulder. We ordered too much!

Delicious squid

Delicious squid

There was a bit of a disappointing moment when the starter came as the English menu had been mistranslated and it was mussels rather than clams that arrived. We don’t mind them but would not normally order them and at 9 euros they made for a pricey starter.Clams are much more exciting. However, the squid which had been grilled on a wood fire made up for this disappointment, it was amazing, the best I’ve ever tried. The aubergine was tasty but I’ve had better in other Greek restaurants. The mains were great and filling especially the mixed grill which is normally a combination of words that immediately spell disappointment. This one was moist, perfectly grilled and featured pork souvlaki, farmer’s sausage, kofte, veal chops and lamb. The mammouth shoulder of lamb (almost an entire shoulder) was also very good although the lurid pink red wine sauce was a bit off putting and the side vegetables were pretty tasteless.


Pile o’meat (mmmmn)


Lamb shoulder

The wine selection looked good although we just drank mineral water and a Greek version of orangina as we are doing intermittent teetotal weekends this year. Even without alcohol the bill came to 80 euros including tip. Although the quality of the food was good I didn’t feel like it was good value. The service had been patchy and we felt that as soon as we had finished they wanted to get rid of us, I tried to catch the waiters attention about the mistranslation but they were too busy. I would hesitantly recommend this place and maybe order less in future especially not the clams!