74 : Dottir (Iceland)


We planned this visit to coincide with our 4th wedding anniversary on 3rd June as the Icelandic restaurant Dottir is a one of a kind, expensive dining experience.


On this balmy early summer evening we arrived at 9pm to a fully booked out restaurant over in Mitte near the Brandenburg gate. As we waited at the bar for our table we sipped yummy, well crafted cocktails; Richard had something with champagne and I had a gin and cucumber concoction. Both were delicious. The decor of the restaurant was very cool with simple design, stripped bare plaster walls, large pieces of feature lighting and huge, interesting artworks.


The restaurant serves a single set menu mixing Icelandic and Scandinavian ingredients and flavours at a set price with no deviation other than to accomodate allergies. This week’s menu was exactly to our taste with a starter of scallops, then roe deer fillet,  monkfish, and white chocolate and berries for dessert. We chose a good value Riesling to go with our food from the cheaper end of the menu which rose to the kind amount that we would spend on a new fridge freezer or a week’s holiday.

IMG_2999 The food was very much worth the high price because every mouthful was intricate and delicious and the ingredients worked really well together and the presentation was beautiful. The roe deer and the monkfish dishes were our particular highlights. The wine we chose was also very good and went well with everything. By the end of the meal we were quite satisfied and a bit drunk (hence the wonky shots and general lack of photos). I would certainly recommend Dottir as a great choice for a special occassion or if you have the money to spare but you might want to check the menu before you reserve in case it is not to your taste.