Week 45 : North Central India (Agni)

As many people know, especially the Brits, Berlin is dreadful for Indian food. For this reason I haven’t even tried any of the places in my Kiez knowing I will be disappointed. Agni is a long way from my Kiez, a 45 minute u-bahn and bus journey to Moabit. This area is supposed to be the new Neukolln in the way that Leipzig is supposed to be the new Berlin. This means that a blogger went there once, found one arty looking space and a dive bar and declared it as such. But nobody ever told Moabit this news and it continues to be a fairly boring, slightly run down area where you can live very cheaply but have to travel a long way to find much fun.

IMG_1886Agni is rumored to be the best Indian restaurant in Berlin and I have wanted to visit for a while. A rainy Wednesday evening provided us with the opportunity and we booked a table in the twelve seater restaurant and headed over accompanied by Maija (of Philippines visit fame). The menu seemed very long and sadly we found only a handful of  items listed as spicy. We chose pakoras to start followed by tandor cooked lamb vindaloo, tikka chicken and aloo paneer which is a pea curry. We also tried Sona beer for the first time which was okay but not as tasty as kingfisher beer. Maija took a lassi which was good but not cold.

IMG_1889Sadly our dreams of a really decent curry were not quite met. The pakoras were average and the chicken tikka dish was a bit mixed. The chicken itself was great, tasty and well grilled, but it came on this weird platter of fried potatoes, vegetables and bean sprouts which tasted really bland. The lamb dish vindaloo was better and fairly spicy although it would be laughed off the plate by a British vindaloo, again the meat was very good and they clearly know how to handle a tandor. The nan bread was the best I have had in Berlin but that isn’t saying much, the garlic was non extistent and it wasn’t as soft, pillowy  and crispy in parts as good nan can be.Maija enjoyed her vegetarian dish but I cannot trust the judgement of a Finn on whether a curry is worthy of a British curry-house. I think we might go back as it is the best option we have had so far in Berlin but my heart still hankers for a proper curry and we eagerly anticipate our return to Manchester on 16th October.

Date of visit 3 September 2015