Week 19 : Mabuhay (Indonesia)

On a cold wet Monday our quest took us over to that weird nothingy bit of Kreuzberg near the river where it turns into Mitte and doesn’t really feel like Kreuzberg. We were in search of one of Berlin’s three Indonesian restaurants: Mabuhay. Again thanks to a combined thumbs up from Yelp and Trip Advisor.


Across from Bartholy Mendellson U-bahn underneath a block of 70s flats is a tiny Indonesian restaurant which was packed full at 6.30 on a Monday. Thankfully we perched on a shared table and were able to eat asap as I was so hungry after three beers beforehand that I couldn’t wait. Also my first time trying this cuisine so I was very excited.


nasi goreng


crispy chilli butter prawns


beef redang

We chose three dishes to share at an average of six euros each; butter chilli prawns, beef rendang and duck nasi goreng all served with a giant bowl of rice. Everything was so tasty and fresh and sooo good I am salivating just thinking about it. The rendang was my favourite, it was hot and sour and aromatic and the beef just melted in your mouth. The second best part was the bill, 25 euros for everything for two greedy people. I love living and eating in Berlin!

Thankfully this place now qualifies for my blog as it has dropped the dual Filipino cuisine that it once did. I’m so glad as otherwise I would have gone to another place and missed out on finding one of my favorites so far.

(date of visit 23rd February)