Week 17 : Ixthys (South Korea)

If you like Korean food then Berlin is a good city to live in. Every district has its own Korean place from kreuzberg’s famous Kimchi Princess to Neukölln’s food stand Mwaah by Tempelhof Airport to Airang in Charlottenburg’s run by North Korean exiles. All are pretty good but the word in the internet is that tiny, bizarre Ixthys in Schoenberg is the very best. Why is it bizarre you might ask? Well, it’s run by some ultra Christian elderly Korean ladies who decided that the best way to decorate their restaurant is to cover the walls with Bible quotes from floor to ceiling!


We arrived at 6pm on a Saturday evening and the place was packed. We stood waiting for five minutes and then took a table as it became free. The place probably only seats less than 20 people but it’s not the sort of place you linger having no toilet and no alcohol. The food totally lived up to its reputation, it was super tasty. We ordered beef bibimbap, kimchi and pork bulgogi. Everything was really good, especially the pork in the bulgogi and the kimchi was the best I’ve had. The total bill for two happy full customers including tip was 21 euros.