Week 44 : Lasan (Kurdistan)

When I first set out to do this blog I specified that I wouldn’t confine the definition of a cuisine or country to a nation state with a border and a flag. Kurdistan is one such place, a land that traverses Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran without recognized sovereignty. There is however an officially recognized autonomous region of Kurdistan in the North of Iraq, which is one of the few good things that came out of the invasion of Iraq (although ISIS are doing their best to destroy it.)

IMG_1801 IMG_1799

Lasan is an Iraqi Kurdish restaurant in Kotti (the kiez around Kottbusser Tor which is famous in Berlin for its multikulti mix of hipsters, punks, gay bars and immigrants). I used to have classes directly above it but never realised it was not Turkish like many of the other places near there and thought it was maybe a bit expensive. What had caught my eye were the Fladenbrot that they make fresh which is a Tandor cooked giant nan bread-like flatbread.

IMG_1805We visited as soon as I found out this place was Kurdish at lunchtime what felt like one of the last warm days of summer. We sat outside in the fresh air in the large seating area where we could people watch and Kotti is of course is a great place for this. We ordered a Teller each from the long menu; Richard went for grilled lamb and I went for a teller with kuba which are something I have never tried before so definitely in the spirit of the blog. We were immediately brought a bowl of free, delicious, warming lentil soup which was thick, yummy and delicately spiced. The tellers were a mixed bag, although the meat on Richard’s was really well grilled and very tasty, the value at 11 euros was not great. Mine however was excellent value, there were four kuba, which are tasty little potato dumplings filled with meat or vegetables and deep fried and then loads of side dishes of bulgar and herb salad, garlic sauce, spicy sauces, hummus, beans and vegetables. With the lentil soup and free, wonderful, flame-cooked fladenbrot it made for a very satisfying lunch for 8 euros. All the side dishes were delicious and felt nice and healthy.

IMG_1811 IMG_1808I recommended to a friend who loves lentil soup and she agreed that is was really good version and brought some other friends from Turkey and Jordan there for a visit the following weekend. They all agreed on the quality and deliciousness too. Lasan also do cheaper sandwiches which are made from the filled fladenbrot so this place will now be a kotti favourite whenever I am in the area for lunch.

Date of visit 28 August 2015