Week 25 : Babel (Lebanon)

I an always wondering how to treat the middle east in this blog. The food of most countries in this region is very similar with falafel, tabbouleh, baba ganoush, sharwarma and köfte all featuring. Technically am I allowed to do individual countries or just chose one to avoid being boring? I have decided to just go for one in the first year of this blog and then try the rest when I’m running out of countries next year.
(Not my photo, image from yelp.com)

So…what to pick? Berlin has Syrian, Jordanian, Egyptian, Iraqi and Lebanese places that I know of. Lebanese seems to be the most popular so I went for that as part of the original 52 weeks. Babel in Prenzlauerberg came highly rated and as I was close by after a Sunday afternoon visit to mauer park I chose this one. This was to be my first solo blog visit with Richard far away guzzling seafood in Florida.

Sadly I deleted the photos as babel is really pretty inside and out. Pavement tables are accompanied by huge vases of brightly coloured roses. Inside is really kitsch with tablecloths, vintage prints with images from the middle east and deep opulent colours on the walls. It found it really aesthetically pleasing and it somehow made the food more appealing.

The menu is longer than your usual Berlin kebab imbiss with lots of varieties of meat and vegetable dishes as combinations available in brot or as a teller (sandwich or plate). I chose the falafel babaganoush teller for 8,50 as I’m in love with falafel at the moment. The plate that came was big and beautiful with a big vibrant salad jewelled by pomegranate seeds. It really was the best middle eastern food I’ve had so far in Berlin. The falafel were perfect, the babaganoush garlicky and yummy, I loved the fresh spicy green chilli salsa and the salad was fresh. A great choice and thoroughly recommended.

Date of visit 18 April.