73 :Kasbah – Morocco


I have just come back from an epic 18 night holiday to Spain and Portugal in which food played a massive role in our daily routines. We ate such wonderful seafood and drank amazing wines. Now I am back in Berlin and back down to earth with a bump and have realised that my poor blog has been somewhat neglected.

The next few entries are from back in June and July and therefore some of the details are a bit sketchy so I apologise for the brevity of these posts.

Firstly, way back in June I visited one of the few Moroccan places in Berlin with some friends from university. Richard has an inate dislike of Moroccan food after spending a disappointing weekend in Marrakesh and he refused to join me this time. I was still skeptical about this cusine but was compelled by my blog to give it a try.


Kasbah is situated in Mitte just near Rosenthaler Platz and unfortunately the prices reflected the city centre location and were a bit higher than we are used to in Berlin’s suburbs with main courses costing between 12-20 euros for a tagine or cous cous. There is a cheaper place in Friedrichshain but this has some truly terrible reviews whereas Kasbah seemed more favourable.


The decor was very appealing with sumptuous traditonal Morrocan fabrics and lamps and the theme didn’t feel too overdone. We all ordered different tagines and I also got a starter of filled pastry parcels so as to try more things. The starter was delicious, with phillo pastry encasing fragrant shredded meat. Each of the tagines was also tasty, I had the beef which was moist and succulent and well flavoured, the others had lamb, chicken and vegetarian versions which they all really enjoyed.


By the end of the meal we were all stuffed full and agreed that we had enjoyed a good dinner. Kasbah restored my faith in decent Moroccan food but the location and the prices mean that I am unlikely to return.