Week 42: Nepal Haus (Nepal)

Okay I admit it, we are definitely being lazy at the moment. Nepal Haus is just meters away from our last visit to Little Tibet but at the time rather than concede that we were being shortsighted in our local blog visits we decided that we would eat at two similar cuisines on the same street in order to conduct the “Battle of the Momos!”


From the outside Nepal Haus is much shabbier than its near neigbour and there were less people sat outside here than at Little Tibet. We took a pavement table and tried to chose the most authentic Nepalese dishes. We had to start with momos, six meat and six spinach and then we chose a lamb dish with potatoes called Khasi Alu and a platter of Nepalese dishes called Dhal Bhat Tarkari Masu.


The momos were all steamed rather than a mixture of steamed and fried which I prefer but the fillings were delicious, we decided that the overall momo dish in Little Tibet was better but the filling of the Nepalese ones was better. I really liked the sweet tangy coconut side dish that came with them but Rich found it too sweet. We had asked for the mains to be ‘richtig scharf‘ expecting a medium spicy dish like you get everywhere in Berlin but were suprised when it really was, really hot! I ashamedly had to ask for some yoghurt to cool it down. When I could taste the flavour it was really good but my tastebuds soon were numbed by the amount of heat. Richard was in his element, sweating fiercely whilst shoveling down the spicy food with a grin on his face.


Berlin has finally delivered the spicy and I was too much of a pussy to appreciate it. Next time we are in the area we will get some momos from Tibet and some curry from Nepal and I will only ask for it to be ‘ein Bißchen scharf!’