Week 23 : Ebe Ano (Nigeria)

I used my camera when we visited this Nigerian place in Schoneberg so thankfully I didn’t delete the pics from this lovely meal at Ebe Ano (translation ‘where it’s happening’). We have only ever really tried North and East African foods so a West African meal was exciting and new to us. The little restaurant is tucked away down a side street and was completely empty when we arrived so we though we might be in for a bad meal. Thankfully it filled up and our concerns were soon shown to be mute and the place was indeed happening. I liked the Nigerian pop music that was playing and the traditional decoration that managed to not look naff.



Plantian and stick meat

We ordered some pork pieces called stick meat and fried plantains to start and then I had a meat dish with peanut sauce and Richard had a meat joloff which is a traditional one pot rice dish. Hot sauce is served on the side with a warning from the waitress although we explained that we are not German so should be able to handle it! (It was pretty hot) We also ordered some delicious Nigerian Guinness which is way better than the Irish version and despite a pledge not to drink much we ended up having five between us as it was so good.


Peanut sauce ‘casserole’


Meat jollof

The food was great, the meat was really tender and the sauces were rich and flavoured with herb and spice combinations which we found quite unusual and different to other cuisines. Price wise it wasn’t cheap nor too expensive, we left very full and pleased. We will definitely make the trip over again and look out for this food in future. Yum.

(date of visit March 16th)