Week 22 : Bar Lisboa (Portugal)

The next few posts will be coming thick and fast and for the most part will be sadly lacking in both photos and much detail. I have got a bit behind with the posts so some of the meals are a bit hazy and I accidentally deleted the photos on my phone.

We start with a wet Saturday evening in March when we visited Bar Lisboa, a tapas place on Boxhagner Platz in Friedrichshain. We were glad to have booked a table as they were all full and the place was nicely decorated, warm and welcoming. We ordered some vinho verde (green wine, so called as it is very young and has a slight fizz and a pale almost green hue) to start followed by a bottle of Duoro red. Sadly the vinho verde didn’t live up to our fond memories of last summer in Olhao, I guess some foods are contextual and a cheap bottle of green wine on a cold day in Berlin isn’t quite the same as a crisp glass of the local wine by the sea in Portugal. The Duoro was good though.

As for food, I remember cod cakes, baked fish, chorizo, large prawns in garlic and chilli and a flaming sausage that Richard was super pleased with. There were other dishes that were clearly not very memorable. The service was great with a very friendly waitress who was very attentive despite being alone. We enjoyed it, but we wont rush back unless we are passing and fancy this kind of food. I will always go back to Gaston for cheap authentic tapas in Berlin as it is much better although I am open to recommendations…

Date of visit 21 March 2015