Week 28 : Matreshka (Russia)

I had a really low expectation of Russian food with thin watery soups, endless slices of beetroot and general awfulness in mind. Thankfully Matreska proved me wrong. image We were pleased to be seated early on a Saturday evening as the restaurant was reserved restaurant. The reason for the full bookings came apparent later on when people stated arriving wearing Russian and Georgian flags and explained to us they were celebrating the end of World War Two. They even gave me a rosette to wear which I swiftly removed when I left the restaurant when Richard pointed out to me that the mass rape of German women was not something Berliners probably wanted to be reminded of. image And so to the food. It was good, better than expected. We ordered a mixed starter of salmon blinis, deviled eggs with salmon caviar and aubergines. It was pretty tasty especially the blinis. For mains we shared a plate of meat pelmeni (Russian pierogi) and a beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes. The stroganoff had good flavours but the meat was scant and being served with mash meant that it was all a bit too soft with no texture. The pelemi were good though although not as yummy as the pirogi we’ve eaten here. image The best thing though was the vodka. The starter came with birch vodka shots which was really tasty and drinkable unlike most vodka I’ve tried. We then ordered a honey and chilli and pine kernel vodka – also good and then we were given free shots with the bill! We also had a large st Petersburg beer each with the food so we left quite tipsy. I we go back I’d get a bottle of the birch and a big plate of blinis and pelmeni and be very happy!

Date of visit May 9th