Week 36 : Restaurant Macedonia (Macedonia)

After a trip to the beautiful Schlachtensee lake we stopped off at Restaurant Macedonia on the way home out in Steiglitz. This part of Berlin is very West Berlin and very suburban. The last time I visited this S-bahn I got in an argument with an old lady who was pissed off that I wanted to fit my bike in the lift with her and told me to wait for it to come back. My German isn’t good enough yet to call her a provincial old biddy so unfortunately she won that time. When we arrived at the restaurant which is next to the S-bahn the other guests were all pensioners enjoying a stein of beer in the late afternoon sun and I felt super young which is a nice change from being in Neukolln where I feel quite elderly.

The restaurant had a pleasant terrace which felt very southern balkanesque in the 35 degree heat. Inside was quite quaint and rustic. We sat outside and perused the large menu which had both Macedonian and German cuisine. This being a blog visit we totally ignored everything non Balkan and decided to share a portion of the regional classic; cevapi beef sausages, a whole grilled dorade and grilled large prawns. There was no Macedonian beer on the menu so we went for some refreshing German pils. The prices were okay, my dorade was 16 euros for a whole fish and the plate of cevapi was only 7 euros and came with fries, salad and salsa.

The cevapi were as good as I remembered from my visit to Bosnia although they didn’t come with the thick almost clotted cream that you get there. The grilled dorade was really fresh and moist and delicious until I got to the raw centre and had to send it back. A strange thing then happened, Richard finished his perfectly grilled butterflied prawns and I sat and waited for my fish to return. I had eaten almost half and was expecting either the same fish or a whole new one. Instead what came back was a new fish that had been cooked to perfection and then almost the amount I had eaten had been removed essentially replacing like for like. The apology was scant and it was kind of annoying to be waiting for so long for the new fish without an offer of a free drink and it also made me late for a meeting. That was the only complaint though.

The food was really good and if I am hungry again on the way back from the lake and fancy a piece of Mediterranean (Mittelmeer) sunshine and flavours then this is a good choice for a stop off on the long way back.

Date of visit July 5th