Week 35 : Cafe Valentin (Sweden)


Licht envy and irritating yanks

Around the corner from our new flat is the first cafe to feature in this blog. Cafe Valentin is a Swedish (hipster) cafe which sells lots of delicious traditional healthy Swedish dishes but sadly for Richard – all vegetarian! The whole experience turned out to be offensive to Rich, from the moment he saw the lack of meat on the menu to the awful loud Americans on the table in the corner who shared every detail of their conversation with us through sheer volume including the intriguing “My friend rohyphnoled herself“! He even hated the infuriatingly precise and beautiful vintage decor. I quite liked it, but then again I am female with a love of all things vintage and I had extreme light fitting envy for the beautiful sputnik style 1960s ceiling light.


The menu as I said was entirely vegetarian, which is fine by me but the place didn’t advertise itself as such and in my mind Swedish menus should have some kind of fish on them. The menu consisted of homemade smørrebrød with lots of toppings which all seemed to be variations on avocado and egg and also knackerbrod which is a crispy baked cracker also with different toppings. There were also a lot of yummy looking cakes and a full coffee, tea and soft drink menu. I chose the smørrebrød with beetroot and goats cheese with a flat white and Rich went for knackerbrod with fried eggs and peppers with fresh orange juice. Everything was really tasty especially my sweet and salty beetroot dish with a fresh salad and Rich loved the knackerbrod which was full of delicious seeds but we found the portions were a bit stingy for the prices and we left hungry. The flat white was also a bit disappointing resembling more a cappuccino – which is my pet hate – if you cannot understand how to make a proper velvety flat white then DON’T PUT IT ON THE MENU! I bought one of their ‘famous’ cinnamon buns to eat at home later that day but also found that disappointing and dry especially compared to the awesome yummy moist ones that my friend Gina had made me the previous week.


Goats cheese and beetroot

The bill totalled 20 euros with tip and I can honestly say that we have eaten much better food in Berlin for less. In summary then I might go there again with women but it was pretty much a case of style over substance. So definitely authentically Swedish and hipster then! Boom 🙂



Date of visit 25 June 2015