Week 12 : Helvetia (Swiss)

When I first passed this kreuzberg restaurant I thought it was just a hipster restaurant and misread the name as relating to the type font. It wasn’t until the need for a safe port in a storm ushered us inside that I realised it was in fact a swiss restaurant. That time I just had a beer but decided to add it to the blog list.

We returned a week later after an excessive night at Stattbad which had drained every sap of energy and left us exhausted. Helvetia was the closest place I could think of that fitted the blog bill so we dragged our tired bones out across the river to Kreuzberg.

The restaurant’s premise is quite simple; rostis and spätzle (egg noodles) with various toppings such as goulash, cheese, spinach eggs etc. We decided to go for one of each ordering spätzle with goulash and rosti with brie, bacon and cranberry washed down with a half litre of rioja.

The food was okay but nothing that special and the first plate of goulash came out cold so we had to send it back. Served on huge plates which belied the smallish portions we left hungry and had to go to Burgermeister on the way home. At 15 euros a plate it wasn’t cheap and we felt quiet disappointed. In the battle off of the central European mountainous country comfort food then Austria definitely comes out on top.