Week 41 : Little Tibet (Tibet)

I feel sometimes as though laziness and convenience often prevail when choosing a restaurant to visit and I am getting worried that I have left all the hard to reach places to the end. This week was no exception visiting a place that is three stops away on the U7.


Little Tibet is situated near Mehringdam on Gneisenaustrasse and serves supposedly authentic Tibetan food. When we arrived we were disappointed to see that they also offered Thai food but we decided to soldier on and use the menu as a guide to make sure we only ordered things that were authentically Tibetan, meaning that the crispy duck and seafood dishes were off the cards. We sat outside on a pavement table underneath Tibetan flags and began our battle against the ubiquitous late summer wasps.


We chose to start with the most authentic of Tibetan foods; a mixed plate of momos (filled dumplings) alongside spinach pakora. These were followed by a rice dish Gadhen Dä-Thuk with beef and a spinach dish Langsha Tse which the menu proclaimed to be authentically Tibetan.


The momos were delicious and came pan fried and steamed with spinach, vegetable and meat fillings with various yummy dipping sauces and the pakora were as good as any I have tried before (and I have eaten quite a few in my time). The mains were huge and we instantly regretted our choice of two dishes especially when we tried the rather bland spinach and beef dish which we had to add spicy sauce to to bring to life. The rice dish on the other hand was full of flavour and had a tangy coconut curry on the side. We would have been happy with just that, pakoras and the momos and ended up leaving most of the spinach dish and some of the rice. Considering the portions it was a great value meal and we will definitely be back for the momos some time.